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Technical Supplement - Height Adjustability

Technical Supplement

Height Adjustability of Vari-Level Extensions

This information is provided as a supplement to the height adjustability information provided in our 'Floor Gullies and Access Covers' technical manual and other literature.

When used with certain gully bodies, our U1 series extensions must be cut to length on site in order to achieve the minimum height gained figures quoted in our literature. This supplement provides figures for the minimum height that can be achieved without cutting the extensions for the affected gully bodies.

Body Series

Minimum Height Gained without Cutting Extension

B1-B2 Series As stated in catalogue.
B5 Series U103 - 75 min
U104 - 114 min
C2 Series U103 - 60 min
U104 - 114 min
C3 Series U103 - 64 min
U104 - 118 min
C5 As stated in catalogue.
D2 - D8 Series As stated in catalogue.
D10 - D12 Series As stated in catalogue.
G102 U101 - 87 min
G2 - G6 Series U103 - 80 min
U104 - 135 min
G8 - G10 Series U103 - 65 min
U104 - 113 min
GC Series As stated in catalogue.
H1 Series U101 - 80 min
H2 Series U103 - 46 min
U104 - 98 min
H3 Series U103 - 65 min
U104 - 117 min
J1 Series U103 - 65 min
U104 - 117 min
J2 Series U103 - 46 min
U104 - 98 min
GD Series U103 - 57 min
U104 - 116min
UP104 - 112 min
GP1104 U103 - 70 min
U104 - 122 min
GP3 - GP6 Series U103 - 82 min
U104 - 132 min
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