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Wade Grease Converters (Grease Traps / Grease Interceptors / Grease Separators)

Grease Converters

Meeting demands of water and municipal authorities, environmentalist, employers and employees, Wade provides effective and easy to use means of dealing with grease, oil and sediment. Grease flushed down the drain can cause blockages and unpleasant smells in work areas. Blockages can lead to overflows and health hazards, whilst drain clearing is an inconvenient and costly operation. Such problems can be eliminated by a Wade Actimatic Grease Converter; *not just a grease separator / grease trap but a Natural means of permanently converting grease to bio-degradable products.

Grease Converter with Automatic Dosing System
Grease Converter with Automatic Dosing System.

Product Range

  • Actimatic Grease Converters are available to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Wade Actimatic in powder or liquid form is a bacterial product formulated to deal with kitchen effluent.
  • An Automatic Dosing System is available for use with Actimatic Liquid. The unit automatically doses the Grease Converter with diluted Actimatic Liquid once daily at a time selected by the user.
  • Sediment Interceptors are used to help prevent blockages where solids such as food scraps, hair, plaster, sediment etc. are discharged into drain lines.
  • Oil Interceptors are installed in drain lines to help prevent the pollution of rivers, streams, drainage systems and water treatment plants.

For full details on our range, please click a link to request literature, or go straight to our drainage products online catalogue.

Brochures may also be downloaded in Acrobat PDF format from our brochures download page.

* Grease Trap / Grease Interceptor / Grease Separator - these devices trap the grease and require frequent (sometimes daily) grease disposal. Wade Actimatic Grease Converters avoid this by converting grease to bio-degradable products.

Grease Converter, Grease Trap, Grease Interceptor, Grease Traps, Grease Interceptors, Grease Converters, Actimatic Powder, Actimatic Liquid, Wade Actimatic. Wade International Ltd. are a leading manufacturer of quality drainage products. Our Grease Converters offer a more practical solution than a Grease Trap by removing the need for regular grease disposal that most Grease Traps require. When regularly dosed with Wade Actimatic, a Wade Grease Converter will permanently convert grease to water soluble bio-degradable products.

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