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News Release

New Catalogue Released

12th October 2012

Floor Gullies and Access Covers - November 2012

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We are pleased to present our new version, packed with more information, photographs, illustrations and editorial modifications.

We continue to focus on product quality and development such that some products have been superseded while various new, replacement or enhanced products are introduced; some of these changes are listed below:

Section / Page Change
Section 4 • New 200mm sq. stainless steel gullies range replaces the previous 150mm and 200mm sq. gullies.
Section 5 • Vari-level membrane clamping collars are now illustrated throughout the section, with details on how to specify collars and collar options.
Section 5G, 5V
Section 6G, 6V
• Bottle trap in gratings is no longer specified by adding option ‘T’ to grating Spec. Code; customers must instead specify U1404 as an accessory. Under grating options, new catalogue refers readers to section 5X for accessories, incl. removable bottle trap.
5Bntss, 5Btss • New stainless steel Vari-Level gully bodies, trapped and non-trapped versions
5Gss1 - 3
6Gss1 - 4
• Additional stainless steel gratings available, incl. square versions for use with sheet floor covering.
• Pages 5G ss3 and 6G ss4 are dedicated to gratings developed for security applications.
All stainless steel items • All stainless steel items are made of grade 304 stainless steel, but can optionally be made of grade 316 by specifying option suffix “M”.
5Bntci1 • B series bodies are no longer offered - C series equivalents achieve same function (except B504, which is still offered on page 5B ntci3).
8.3 • F3 series now has removable bell trap option
10 • Range of spigot adaptors extended to incl. stainless steel (Europipe) and HDPE pipework systems.
11HD1 • New page showing Q904 heavy duty lorry deck gully.
11L1 • Q1 series gully body material is now stainless steel, grating material is now ductile iron.
11L2 • Q605 stainless steel trench drain replaces Q601 and Q702 cast iron versions
11S • P1412-P1414 is enhancement of previous P14 range, with a full tiling flange
• P1422-P1424 is new stainless steel grating option
11SF1 • R2 series all stainless steel construction replaces prev. R1 series, which had galv. mild steel frame.
11SF1-2 • GV5247 and GV6247 security grating versions added to range
WP • YA211-YA213 have new deeper wall box than prev. YA201-YA203. Increased depth enables quick release hose connector to be installed and box lid to close.
• YA304 and YA316 are new stainless steel wall box versions
• All water points are now supplied incl. a brass quick-connect tap connector, as illus. on the page.

Later this month we take occupation of our new factory, Blue 4, here at Halstead, which will enable us to increase our production capability and capacity. New tooling is being made for our new 200mm square stainless steel gullies shown in Sections 4 and 5B; until manufacture commences in the New Year we will continue to supply current versions.

Our Technical Dept. will be pleased to answer queries on our products and to give guidance on their suitability.

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